Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ok so somtimes "smart" phones are DUMB As a block of wood

So I went to text my friend today about what we had to do for our SEDU183 class today to make sure I did it. But my "smart" phone thought I was sending it to the wrong person and instead sent it to Celly where my teacher gets the messages. so now i look like an idiot who is lazy as all hell. You have got to love "smart"phones.

My other passion

Cover Photo
Dance it is  my other passion besides writing and music which are the greatest things in the world I feel. All due to the fact that they are the few things in this world that can magically invoke emotions of the body, mind, and soul. By the way That^ is me i did a little photo shop to make it cool but that is me dancing by in my hometown of Bellmore, N.Y. But dance is no longer just a thing i do to pass time and work out, no like writing and music it is apart of me it is my own bit of soul on display like a prized deer head or the trophy that glistens with the shine of pride and victory. As i stated before my other passion is music and on of my favorite songs to sing is iris by the goo goo dolls. so if you wanna find out more about me you will just have to keep reading and waiting for me to post but ill leave you with a treat till next time this is Mr. Brendan Hussey signing off.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The first post in the next step

Hello my name is Brendan Hussey, I am currently a secondary education major with my focus in English. Since 9th grade my English teacher the wonderful Mrs.Maresca has taken me under her wing and allowed me to blossom both in my new found dream and in my writing, and in many ways has saved my life. It is her I aspire to become a teacher like her who not only dose her job but touches the lives of her students and makes them believe in themselves again when even they have lost hope. i hope that within this blog i can give insight to the life and times of an education major who has a passion for the arts and is driven to make a difference in the world one shiny red apple at a time.