Tuesday, February 28, 2012

power ponit

It is time to try and catch up a bit as I realized I never went over my power point. well my project I based off a lesson my English teacher did and showed me, but I took my own twist. I essentially created a game show with interactive sounds and displays to entice the students to learn about what they are being shown. Using a hyperlink key action I was able to create button choices and have the correct answer link to the next slide. The problems I ran into are, I feel I may have made it too fun and not enough of a lesson portion, and I feel it is just one of those struggles we as educators must face every lesson we do. finding a proper yin to the yang so to speak.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


so twitter um....... yeah. so I don't really use twitter to begin with so as far as it's importance to the world of teaching i really have no comment. Yes it can be helpful in some ways but i just don't like the whole idea of constance status updates. that is just my take

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

blog on chapter 1

Chapter one was one chapter that had it's points of clarity and its points of total what in the world. the main basic premise of this chapter was to properly describe a class room that is run solely off of technology and the vast changes that are occurring within the school system. A few questions about the text that I personally found un-answered are what about the teachers or schools who don't wish to use this new technology, due to tradition or basic lack of funding? Or how about students who are not as technologically savoy? If a classroom is all technology and a student cannot follow then the student cannot learn and will only goof off. I feel a strong balance will be necessary for a maximum learning environment. Also i feel like the schools that are going all tech are doing so at a pace were they are moving too fast. A slow but sure transition with proper training will probably be best. However with that said the chapter dose offer son bright and promising insight such as the whole idea of going "tethered to mobile" is not just cool but very true. I can speak from experience that not just college professors but high school teachers can now offer online support and turning in methods for on the go users. For instance now a student can use their phones in order to turn in a paper via e-mail, I mean when thought about it can be an amazing leap students who are sick at home never have to miss an assignment. Also as Wiley makes his fourth point of going from a generic to a personal, instead of being known as a general somebody to a personal individual now a person can go online and find thousands of people with the same interests as you and you can connect and talk to them. It is a growing world out there and times are changing and we are either about to adapt and be more digital teachers or fall by the waysides of old tradition. All any teacher or prospected teacher can do now if learn grow and if need be change.