My 21st century classroom

Welcome to my 21 century classroom:
I believe that teaching is not for a teacher to mold one student but each individual student. During this blog you will see how i wish to set up my classroom, what a typical lesson i would do, what technology i will be using, what rules and of course, some PLN's i will use.

My Classroom:
                    This is the basic set up of my classroom that i really would like to use when I teach. the desks in the back of the room will be meant to be used only on test days. the students will be able to sit at the round tables with my desk at the head. this is to be for student to be able to learn in a more relaxed environment and have to have ability to see faces instead of backs of heads. This set up will insure better communication by giving students "face-Time" so to speak with each other, as well as with every student knowing the teacher is watching them thus will keep order within the classroom. 
                     This set up will also allow for easier collaboration between student to student and student to teacher.this will be due to the fact everyone is in one area and will most likely work with the people around them. whether it would be asking questions or just seeing what they are working on it would better aid students in collaboration.
                       Finally with the close knit room set up accessibility will be super easy. within the storage units are laptops one for each student and on the selves will be spots for tablet touch screen computers, and with the way the room is set up student don't need to venture far to find what they need. it will also allow me the teacher to be able to get me interaction with each and every one of my students.


                        In my class my rules are simple and clear be on time, be prepaired to learn, and be as creative as possible. the reason being for my simplistic rule system is to ensure two things, inquiry based learning, and  promotes authentic assessment. due to the simplicity of these rules to allow students to be able to ask and share more openly getting them involved with the days lesson. It helps promote students being able to question specifics of the lessons i teach which will mean that they will be able to learn more efficiently. the being prepared is keeping them in check and making sure they can learn each and every day they walk in to my class. By being on time they can absorb all the necessary information and obtain the best they can be. In being creative they will never stop learning and be able to grow as amazing students. 
                         Everyday in my class i will start with the aim and a do now to make the transfer into class mode that much easier for all students. by doing so i am able to take control of class at the start of the period and i can be more assertive.

A Simple Lesson and technological integration:

                  my ideal lesson would be this using tablets and mixing it in with the creative writing aspects of my subject. each student will be given a touch screen tablet for them to use in this lesson. as shown each student will start a poem about whatever they wish to write about, and every 2 minutes they will rotate to the left. and at the end of all the rotations we as a class have created 20 or so shared poems. this will build team work while allowing them to work with technology. At the end of the class I hope to expand the creativity levels of the students. As well as allow them to trust their own words.
                  After all the poems are complete I will use the smart board in order for each student to read the poem they started a loud. some of these poems may have some funny aspects to them and will give the students a chance to un wind from their work schedule and just be able to enjoy their work.
                 Other technologies i will end up using are laptops for making podcast, smart-boards for helping with my lessons, and quite possibly the nook so we can do collective reading sessions.
       As a future educator I plan on continuing my blog postings and hopefully connect with teachers from around the world. I hope to gain new ideas and different ways of approaching the problems of the school system today. Between using blogger and celly I feel like there is a real difference to be made. 


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