Thursday, April 15, 2010

wendsay-thrusday this is how all whent down.

So this is how it all when down... so to speak. So I came to school and nearly passed out in all my classes the school musical is in 1 yes 1 week and I am scared out of my mind. This musical is going to be tons of fun but I guess my main fear is that it is "Charlie Brown" so everyone already knows everything about it the peanuts gang have been around for so many years and the musical is very kid like so I fell as though people will be more easy to comment on how bad it was or how someone missed a line or two. plus I am afraid of the feeling of messing up or having my voice crack or crap out in the middle of the show. In all honesty I am extremely nervous for everything that is going to happen. But i know when I get on that stage no matter how minor of a character I may be that stage is mine. but in any sense I feel like this is going to be either my best year or my worst it is still teetering on the brink of chaos and peacefulness. Well I guess your going to have to keep reading my blog to find out. Till next time I am "the student" and welcome to my life and everything in it.

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